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SAP - SAP•C - Fresh water stations

Instant on-demand DHW production is a refined alternative to storage production, which reduces to the minimum the proliferation risk of bacteria such as legionellae and supports simple and complete control of the water heating function. SAP and SAP-C are modules for instant on-demand DHW production, suited to multi-family and condominium users. SAP and SAP-C are connected to a buffer storage tank containing primary water heated by one or more generators, which is sent to the high efficiency heat exchanger, and transfers heat to the domestic water on the secondary circulator and heats it instantaneously.

The primary circulator is controlled by an electronic control unit based on the temperature detected by the flow/temperature sensor, installed on the DHW output, with respect to the user‘s set-point. SAP and SAP-C are available in a variety of sizes, in the variants with or without recirculation circuit, also with mixing valve and thermostatic head on the primary side to limit inflow temperature at the exchanger.

M-SAP is another module for the instantaneous production of hot water. The production temperature is adjusted by a modulating valve located on the primary circuit, which is therefore a variable flow circuit. This way both the boiler return temperature and the circulating flow are reduced, improving the generation performance and reducing the required pumping power. The control valve is mechanical, therefore the module does not require an electrical power supply.
M-SAP comes with isolated heat exchange elements and the entire module is housed in an elegant painted casing. Available in two mirrored configurations with “hot” connections to the left or to the right.


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