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IVAR•ESAT DUAL - Heating interface unit with separated heat exchangers and electronic controller

IVAR•ESAT DUAL is a heating interface unit with separate heat exchangers for heating and water to offer three functions: instant DHW production, heating control and metering of water and heat consumption. The dual heat exchanger design enables all three circuits to be kept separate (primary, domestic, and heating).

In this way, any intervention on secondary circuits can be performed without acting on the primary circuit, shared by multiple utilities and users. Its strength lies in electronic control of the temperature of hot water delivery and delivery to the heating system, and therefore only the primary flow effectively necessary to meet demands is handled, consequently optimising pump energy consumption and the primary temperature variations.

IVAR•ESAT DUAL is supplied pre-assembled on the frame, insulated by a polypropylene casing and with a provision for insertion of meters as required; it can be completed with a sheet steel cover, differential pressure regulator for the heating or primary circuit, and shut-off valve.

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