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IVAR•SAT - Satellite modules with metering devices

IvarSAT is the direct heat and DHW metering solution in the event of centralised heating installations without centralised DHW production. Thanks to IvarSAT, in fact, DHW is produced instantaneously and with priority at the level of the individual residential unit. IvarSAT is offered in three ranges: range “H” with direct delivery, suitable for high temperature heating systems, range “L” fitted with mixing valve and booster pump, suitable for radiant installations, and range “HL”, which includes two separate flows, a direct one without booster and a mixed one with booster.

Domestic water temperature is controlled by a scalding-proof thermostatic mixer (max 50 °C), and for models “1” outlet connection upstream of the mixer is provided without limitation of the supply temperature. IvarSAT is also available with built-in recirculation pump (“R” models). The unit is complemented with a heat meter, a domestic cold water flowmeter and heating control devices such as thermostats and electrothermal heads. In order to meet installation site needs, IvarSAT can also be supplied as installation template and separate functional components.


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